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Types of Membership

We offer 3 basic types of membership.


1) Student, Faculty and Staff Board


There are unlimited spaces for       student, faculty and staff members, so please contact us if you are looking for a place to board! Only students have a reduced fee however, paying $215 instead of $280.


2) Community Board


We only have 6 spaces for community members, so be sure to let us know right away if you are interested in becoming a community member! These members pay $280 to board a horse.    


3) Non Owning Membership


Non Owning members ride 4+ times per month. Before being set up with a horse that is boarding with us, you will first undergo an interview to determine your riding strengths. Non Owning  Membership is $90 per quarter. If you have riding experience and and interest in becoming a part of a community please contact us!


Download our Rules and Regs here!



Cooperative Duties

To keep our board cheap, each member pitches in! There are 3 basic ways we work together to keep our barn running. 

1) Feed Groups

Instead of hiring outside workers to feed, we split the barn into 3 feed groups, Red, Green and Blue. Each member will feed 1/3 the horses about two times per a week. Each member signs up for feedings that fit their own schedule. 

2) Community Work

Chores are 5 minute activities such as sweeping the office and raking the tie rail. We require each member to complete 4 of these each month, about 1 per week.Duties are assigned to you; they are 15 minute activities that you will be assigned about once a month. These duties include Hay Barn Duty, Manure Duty, and Trash Duty. Work Hours involve larger effort repairs and work you complete for the barn community. We require owning members to complete 6 hours each quarter.

3) Stall Cleaning

          We ask each member to clean their own horses stall 4x each week and keep their hayboxes full for the feeders. If you are having difficulty making it out to clean 4 times, we can pair you up with a non owning rider. Please note that we keep 3 types of hay: alfalfa, oat, and orchard grass.

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