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About Us


UCSB Students pay $215 a month for board.

Non-students board is $265 to $280 a month.

Non owning riders pay $30 each month


These numbers may change according to cost of living adjustments, so be sure to ask the Executive Board what they are charging at your interview! Board includes hay, however there is a $30 monthly charge for members who use grass hay, as it is more expensive. 

As a cooperative, we are able to keep prices pretty low for the area! But this does come with some extra work. All members are required to clean their own stalls and participate in our "feed schedule," in which every member feeds approximately 6 horses 2x a week. Members sign up for the weekly feed slots according to their schedule!


Every stall has a shelter and a small run for the horse to walk around in. While most of our stalls have box stalls for the shelter, we have a few options that are run in’s or simply a roof to provide some shade in the summer and protection from rain in the winter. As a part of our cooperative nature, each member must clean their stall at least 4 times per week.

Each stall has a hay box connected to it. This is where you keep your hay for your feed group to feed from. In order to reserve your stall, we need a $300 stall deposit. This deposit will be returned to you when you leave us with the cost of any damages removed from it.

Arenas and Turnouts

We have 3 riding arena, 1 dressage, 1 jumping, and 1 large, round hacking arena. The dressage court is onsite, while the jumping and hacking arenas are offsite, just 50 yards away from our tie rails. Helmets are required for those riding on our property.


We also connect to miles of trails! You can ride the quick 45 minute loop around Coal Oil Point or connect to the larger trail system of the Ellwood Butterfly Preserve.  


Besides arenas and trails, we also offer 3 turnouts. Two are large pipe corralled spaces, while one is a movable grass turnout that goes where the grass is! 

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